Six points to pay attention to when buying a second-hand suit

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You want to buy a second-hand suit? Good idea! Not only is it cheaper, but it is also a sustainable choice. What should you pay attention to if you want to buy a second-hand suit? In this blog we mention six points. If you buy your second-hand suit from us, we will of course ensure that your suit is in perfect order on all these points!

1 - Stains

The first thing to look for when buying a second-hand suit is stains, wear or even damage. Most stains can be easily removed. This is often done with a dry brush. For example, an old toothbrush. The wool from which a good suit is made has the property that it is self-cleaning. Dirt will not stick to it like cotton. If you are unable to clean it yourself, the dry cleaner often knows what to do. But there are always stains that are simply impossible to remove.

2 - Wear and tear

Many suits that are offered second-hand on Marktplaats or Vinted, for example, have been worn little. For many people, a suit is something they have in their closet for special occasions. Not for daily use. The wear and tear is therefore usually not too bad. But pay attention to the elbows of the jacket and the seat of the pants. If it shines, you are dealing with a polyester suit. And that's not the best material to make a suit out of. If the fabric is becoming thin but does not shine, it is probably virgin wool. Virgin wool is the best material for a suit. But if it's too thin then it's time to let the suit leave for the eternal meeting fields.

3 - Damage

Damage can come in many forms. From a button that is a bit loose to a square. The latter is very difficult to repair and also expensive. A button is of course easy to re-tighten. Also keep an eye out for treacherous moth holes. They are not always immediately visible, but can unfortunately affect a suit considerably. Sometimes they can be repaired with a sticker behind the hole. But beautiful is different of course.

Second-hand wedding suit

4 - The Fit

You can fit in a shop. And a tailored suit is measured. But if you buy a second-hand suit from a private individual, fitting it often falls short. That is because the price is often so low that the private individual does not feel like fitting you extensively. Then it's not worth it. While the fit is so important for a suit. That makes all the difference.

That's exactly why Resui exists. We have a large assortment and therefore there is always a suit that fits you exactly.

5 The materials of the suit

Unfortunately, most sellers on Marktplaats and Vinted fail to take a photo of the washing label. In it you could see what kind of fabric the suit is made of. There are plenty of polyester suits. But the trick is to find a nice wool, cashmere or merino wool suit in the range of second-hand suits. Then you're a speck.

6 - Fashion and Trends

Do you want a vintage suit or just a good suit that can still be used in a meeting, drink or wedding today? Vintage is nice but not the reason why most people buy a second-hand suit. You just want a good suit for a good price.

But a potential disadvantage of a second-hand suit is that it does not meet the latest fashions and trends. At Resui we guarantee that our suits are always up to date or are being made.


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